DIGITAL MARRAKECH, an international media arts and digital festival, which aims to present diverse trends and practices in the fields of digital film & video, multimedia performances, Video installations, digital mapping, net art, workshops and other interdisciplinary forms

The festival program consists of live video performances, film screenings, workshops, lectures, and exhibition. In the festival framework artists from all over the world present latest practices, research and technologies and showcase important achievements in the development of media arts practices.

It is also a platform for local artists to present their work to a much larger public and to critic reviews. The festival plays a major role in expanding the opportunities for local talented film, video and interactive media artists, and offers the best of them the opportunity to produce a new works by offering two weeks master classes under the supervision of Media Arts professionals.

DIGITAL MARRAKECH, also wants to contribute in interdisciplinary collaborations between south and north, and create an atmosphere of international exchange between Moroccan artists and international ones. In this way we aim to bring together emerging artists sharing common ideas and energy, and to introduce them in a comprehensive but professional way with the newest trends in the field of Media art practices.

The idea is to make the festival a very important cultural event on the Moroccan and Arab map and unite various social spheres, like culture, arts and education. Our ambition is to turn the DIGITAL MARRAKECH Festival into an international Media Art meeting point in Marrakech.

The project takes place in different locations in Marrakech city, especially in its imperial part which is the old medina.